Manchester Disco Company – FAQ.
Manchester Disco Company. How Long Do you take to set up the equipment?

A. Generally setup time is around 1 hour. For larger venues and those with awkward access this can take longer but we will always allow for extra time and will always be setup in time for your guests arriving.

Q. Can you set up your equipment before the wedding breakfast for our wedding reception?

A. Yes. Simply give us a set time and we can ensure that everything is in place before your guests arrive. We can also provide wireless microphones for your speeches if required.

Q. What happens if your equipment breaks down?

A. We always carry a backup systems. If anything was to go wrong, we’d be back up and running in the space of minutes.

Q. Will you turn up, What if you are ill?

A. We pride ourselves in never having let a customer down. We always have at least one DJ available at all times as a backup in case the unfortunate should happen.

Q. Is your equipment safe? Are you insured?

A. Yes. Our equipment is PAT Tested (portable appliance tested) on a regular basis. We also have £5m of public liability insurance (copy available on request). Most hotels and larger venues now insist on this although we do take safety very seriously. We will always ensure that our equipment is setup in a safe manner.

Q. How Do You Dress?

A. Our DJ’s are provided with uniforms to wear to ALL functions or events. This includes shirt, ties, trousers and shoes. We do not allow “casual wear”

Q. Will you play song requests from our guests or can we send you a list of favorite songs to play on the night?

A. Yes. Our DJ’s encourage your guests to request songs throughout the evening and you are quite welcome to provide us with a guide of some of the songs you would like played in the form of a playlist prior to your event taking place should you wish to. We do endeavour to play as many requests as we can throughout the evening, however we do this with discretion. Lets face it, gran and granddad really wouldn’t want to listen to ACDC all night would they.

Q. I’d like you to go on a bit longer than we booked you for… what do we have to do?

A. Additional playing time can be arranged with the DJ on the night providing he/she is willing to play on and the venue operator is able to oblige. Any additional play time is chargeable at the rate of £25 per hour payable before each additional hour commences. The DJ does have the right to refuse to play past his agreed time should he/she wish but on most occasions this wouldn’t be a problem.

Q. Do we have to pay a deposit, how much and when is the remaining balance due?

A. We do ask for a small deposit prior to your booking being confirmed. This is payable on returning your booking confirmation back to us when you initially book our services. The amount of the deposit is variable as it’s a percentage of the full charge. The remaining balance is payable to the DJ, in cash, on the night and before the start of your evenings entertainment. Alternatively you can also send us the remaining balance as a cheque. Any payment by cheque need to be received two weeks prior to the date of the event. This is simply to give us time the cheque to clear the funds.